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Integrated Social Media Marketing for Business on Maui and Everywhere

Your business needs to utilize Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube social media marketing for business. Use Social Media marketing as a component of integrated internet marketing strategies to succeed. Manage Social Media with realistic expectations and goals. Don't let anyone tell you business social media marketing does not work! Instead, understand how your customers and customer prospects use social networking channels to 'reach' your business or your competors.


Social Media marketing does NOT have to be time consuming!
Use easy to use (sometimes free) software tools to 'listen' to ALL of your social media applications simultaneously or to measure (and grow) your results.

How Much ROI will your Business generate from Social Media?
Well, that depends. I don't believe business should use Social Media only with a goal of achieving ROI. Yes, you need to justify the expenses of using Social Media. Instead of asking if your busines will generate ROI from Social Media, ask yourself if your business can afford NOT to use Social Media. If you want your business to remain relevant, you need to use Social Media for business with a strategy and goals! Our social media marketing strategy includes driving visitors to your website for converting into leads and sales.

We do more than just tell you how to set up a social media profile. We'll help you define a strategy with measurable campaigns to ensure you are using Social Media for business in productive non-time consuming model with realistic expectations for success. Social engagement needs to be measurable and success must be based on performance and value from efforts! Measuring followers or likes is NOT the important metric or key performance indicator of success. Understanding if engagement achieves objectives or produces the results the business owner was seeking is what matters!

Our base fees include many services competitors charge additional fees to perform. Our social media marketing fees are retainer based to ensure your on-going success with Social Networking is acheived. No Time? Consider using our social media management service for eligible clients. We'll provide a FREE 15 minute consultation to determine if you would benefit from Business Social Media marketing, then determine reasonable and competitive price to implement a social Media strategy AND teach or train you and your staff to continue. You'll know beforehand exactly how much budget and time is necessary for a successful Social Media Strategy for business. Professional search engine optimization by the preferred Maui Social Media consultant and search engine optimization expert ensures tactics are executed to consistently leverage channels available. Social Media is an integral component of successful Search Engine Marketing (SEO) strategy especially when combined with Inbound Marketing strategies for business Internet marketing. We provide social media consulting services!

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