Landing Page Optimization

Landing Pages Convert Visitors Into Leads While Delivering the Content

A successful Landing Page is critical to success with Inbound Marketing! Landing Pages are pages used to convert visitors into leads and allow you to begin marketing to a site visitor or convert them into a 'buy ready' prospect lead.

Landing pages include a form where a user provides a small amount of information in exchange for whatever is being offered. Visitors arrive at specific landing pages from a tightly coupled Call to Action. The form appearing on a landing page converts a site visitor into a lead while delivering whatever was offered in the corresponding Call to Action.

Optimized Landing Pages minimize anxiety and apprehension from the web site visitor. Each Inbound marketing campaign typically includes one or more call to action graphics coupled with one or more landing pages with both targeted toward attracting specific types of visitors based on where they are in the varying phases of their buying process. In other words, some offers are designed to attract those early in their buying process while others are intended for visitors who are nearly ready to buy. The further into the process, usually the more info may be collected through landing pages. Attempting to collect too much information too early from a visitor is likely to alienate or raise concern. Therefore, it is very important to use motivating call to actions combined with landing pages appropriate for specific point in the buying cycle.

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