Inbound Marketing Analytics

Website Analytics and Data Geek Services 

In today's fast paced Business Internet Marketing with ever increasing enormous amounts of data being collected and available for turning into actionable tactics, your business needs to quickly understand what data metrics are important and which metrics are likely to produce results leading to ROI.

Inbound Marketing is a strategy to achieve predictable cost effective highly customizable measurable ROI from Internet Marketing with content creation. Inbound Marketing campaigns are predictable and tuned to achieve maximum performance.

My extensive data geek career spent analyzing metric data from Internet marketing campaigns combined with the plethora of new data metrics available for measurement provide unparralled opportunities for businesses to leverage web site marketing analytics to achieve predictable and measurable ROI.

Client involvement is essential to success of Inbound Marketing and Business Internet Marketing. Content marketing requires producing new content aimed squarely at highly targeted focused marketing persona. When metrics analytics demonstrates targets are not being achieved, adjustments must be made to quickly refocus into efforts producing the outcomes being sought.

Philip Johnson is certified Inbound Marketing consultant highly skilled with metrics and analytics. Along with a deep SEO background, we focus on helping business' collect, measure and mine their data to create actionable strategies producing the most ROI from Business Internet marketing. We prefer to partner with clients who have defined business goals seeking to leverage the Internet to achieve business goals. Our most successful Inbound marketing clients are more interested in asking us what content they should be creating or what they should be doing to help instead of micro managing the process or second guessing agreed upon tactics. We often use the HubSpot Integrated Marketing Automation Software to support Inbound Marketing strategy.

Our Inbound Marketing service engagements include ongoing monthly evaluation analysis of measurable results. We partner with with our clients to provide the metrics with analytics to make informed decisions and adjustments. Our clients enjoy and benefit from on-on-one personal coaching and consultations providing details of past and ongoing Inbound marketing campaigns and establishing new Inbound Marketing with content creation and actionable content marketing initiatives.

A Typical Monthly Inbound Marketing Services Agreement with Web analytics services Includes:

  • Results from analysis of long tail keyword campaigns. Analytics service includes analysis with reporting of where keyword terms are listed on which site pages in search engines.
  • Visitor traffic arriving from the search engines related to which specific terms arriving to specific pages is correlated and evaluated.
  • Social Media channels are monitored, measured and analyzed, including count of visitors arriving from various Social Media channels, Blogs and other 'sources' from which Inbound marketing campaign.
  • evaluation with analysis of visitor behavior after arriving at a business web site via search engines and other sources is important. understanding the order of page visits is an important metric of visitor behavior analysis. As is when/where a visitor entered and exited a web site.
  • Analysis of which content motivated actions and at what point a visitor becomes a lead are important consideration in finding more leads.
  • Marketing analytics on which leads convert to customers for web site analytics performance.
  • Metric Data with analytic performance strength  locating new key terms to target and how likely to produce results matching performance goals.
  • Measurement of Data, Metrics Analysis and Reporting! Web Analytics Services!