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4 SEO Treats to Make Small Business Website Marketing Less Scary

Posted by Philip Johnson

Oct 31, 2013 7:49:00 AM

SEO witch conjuring up magic potions.Small business owners often give up on SEO and think they need to hire an SEO expert before their website marketing results will improve. Though I’ve been practicing the craft of SEO along with providing website marketing advice for over 15 years, contrary to many myths there have never been a lot of secret or magic potions to conjure long lasting results. Rather than magic formulas or easy quick shortcut tricks, frequently creating and publishing valuable content relevant to the audience you sell to is the key to SEO success! With that said, there is no reason not to take advantage of remaining SEO best practices to ensure your content and website is found and shared across the Internet. Even the best content won’t produce leads, increase sales and generate ROI if the content is not found. Don’t be afraid! Use the following 4 suggestions for effective business website marketing with SEO tips. Then, find out how to learn SEO from the experts:

  1. Don’t Be Frightened About Google Keywords Not Provided - Though it used to be easier to review the keywords used by visitors to find a website in Google, stop freaking out about the decision Google made to discontinue sharing keyword data details. Business owners and website marketers are still able to find out enough about website visitor behavior to make actionable decisions. Black cat with carved jack olantern for SEO marketing image.Whether using search keyword data to understand how visitors found the website and make it easier to get more of those visitors or to make decisions about what content to improve to increase traffic conversions, there is still enough measurable data available to make informed decisions. While Google Analytics has indeed stopped providing keyword data, Google Webmaster Tools still provides some keyword data although a less complete sampling of terms used to find your site. Before you make your best jack o’lantern face and tell me it isn’t all the exact terms used like it used to be and were presented in Google Analytics, I know that! My point is to focus on the data that is available and use other important metrics to determine value of small business website marketing and generate more revenue or make decisions. Use data from a local search bar to find out what visitors are searching for once they arrive at your site and then match content offers to convert those visitors or move them further into their buying decision making process. For businesses with enough budget, you can always resort to Google Pay Per Click and other paid advertising where keywords used data is still provided. Unfortunately, the data still only provides information about clicks generated from the search adsOrganic search results vs. ppc results in SEO marketing example.. Many digital marketers are claiming Google is unfairly providing advantage to those willing to pay. I don’t see it that way. Google is simply continuing to give paying advertisers data and metrics to measure the ad performance for paid advertising while not providing data about traffic generated as a result of ranking in the organic SERP listings.
  2. Produce Relevant Content Visitors Value Enough to Share - Consumers use the Internet to find information related to solving a problem or making something in their job, business or life easier; to be entertained or they are on the Internet to find a supplier to fulfill a purchase of something or locate a service supplier. Nothing more. If you aren’t producing content your prospects and customers are looking for and helping them trust your business, then you are using your website as nothing more than an online brochure. Understand more about the importance of building content assets for your business.
  3. Understand What Your Business is Seeking and Use Measurable Performance Metrics - Stop saying “I want a number one ranking”. Business websites and other integrated marketing efforts must produce tangible results ROI! Focus on converting N amount of traffic into leads or generating N number of new sales each month or achieve other measurable objectives. Internet marketing has never been more predictable but you need to use analytics to monitor and measure peformance against known business objectives. Goals such as 'more visitors to my website'; 'a number one ranking from SEO'; 'more Facebook Likes'; and 'more TwiSEO ghosts do not need to haunt your website marketing efforts.tter Followers' are all meaningless if not directly contributing to increasing leads with sales or attribute to producing measurable business results.
  4. Ensure Basic SEO is Implemented Appropriately- Even the best content needs to be optimized to be found and shared. But there no need to cheat or try to trick the search engines into liking your pages and site. However, business website marketing requires content marketers to utilize basic optimization techniques to gain the best benefits from their website and blog pages in both ranking and conversions. It isn’t that difficult and you just need to spend the time keeping up with what Google and the others inform is accepted best practices. After you've produced content based on keyword terms likely to generate enough traffic to produce the results being sought, if you use the following SEO tips for each page of your site and each blog article you produce your business website will be ahead of most of the competiton:
    • Use a Unique Title for each page – The Title Meta tag should be less than 70 characters long; be unique and relevant to the content on each page; use a keyword term at the beginning of the Title Tag.
    • Create  CTA (Call to Action) for the Description – Even though search engines mostly ignore the description meta tag for ranking purposes, the description tag is still important for converting search engine traffic into visitors to your web site. Place up to 150 Code snippet demonstrating meta tags for SEO.characters of well written copy in the description tag and use as the first opportunity to convert traffic from the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) into a visitor to your website. Combine the description with a landing page containing content contextually matched to what the visitor is looking for. Then, convert the website visitor into a lead with a call to action for an offer containing more valuable relevant content.
    • Include at least one H1 tag - Even if the search engines are often ignoring head tags, I recommend using at least one H1 tag containing a reiteration of the primary longtail keyword term used in the Jack o'Lanterns for SEO example.title tag and describing the content. Depending on the depth of the content, use additional heading tags with keywords to break up your content into further bite size chunks.
    • Construct file names with keywords – use keyword terms in your file names and break up the words with hyphens (-). Example a filename using longtail keyword variations of ‘restaurant lead generation’ in filenames:
      or for an image:
    • Review more details in 3 Tips for Getting Found on Google.

The only thing new is that Google finally acknowledged about not revealing keywords is their ongoing shift (beginning in Nov 2012) has now reached 100%. My advice for restaurant website marketing and other small business owners utilizing Internet marketing is to stop obsessing about keyword ranking and SEO! Focus on what matters: Is your digital marketing strategy producing results? Obsess over turning your website into the 24 hour salesperson who never sleeps and continuously generates leads or new sales from effective Internet marketing! Ready to learn more about SEO? What better way than to learn from industry leading SEO experts! Hit the button below for a FREE eBook to master every aspect of SEO for Small Business Success:

Learn SEO from the Experts!

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