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5 Reasons for Small Businesses and Restaurants to Use Blogging

Posted by Philip Johnson

Oct 16, 2013 1:10:00 PM

Business Blogging Growth Curve IllustrationRestaurants have one of the highest failure rates of any business type. With many small businesses and private restaurateurs trying to grow their business, we wanted to offer the following easy to understand reasons why a well-planned business blogging strategy should be utilized for business success. Scan through the short list below and then find out how to get a  FREE eBook, Introduction to Business Blogging, for practical how-to blog tips and advice:

  1. An Affordable Methodical Way to Generate More Leads – Blogs are one of the most economical ways to generate leads for Business to Consumer (B2C) companies. B2C companies that blog get 88% more leads Business that blog generate 88 percent more leads quote!per month than those that don’t blog! That statistic alone should drive most small business owners to delve deeper into blogging and to invest the time to put together a solid plan to leverage their business blog for generating leads. Introducing visitors to offer content contextually matched with the blog is a great way to increase lead conversion rates.
  2. Influence the Purchasing Decision – 71% claim blogs affect their purchasing decisions. Use a business blog packed with educational, informative valuable content to assist the consumer in their purchase decision. The earlier a business is found during the buyer decision making process provides the most opportunity to influence the decision and ultimately win the sale when the consumer is ready to purchase.
  3. Generate Traffic to Business Websites – Businesses that blog have 55% MORE website visitors. Everyone knows business websites need to contain relevant content with new content being added frequently. Well written blogs are one of the best ways to generate content on a frequent basis. Every blog article is a new page of website content!Business blogging increases visitors quote bubble
  4. Business Blog Content Benefits SEO – Business blogging increases the likelihood of your website being found in high ranking positions in search engines. More and more search engines are providing content visitors are seeking rather than content matched to keywords. In order to do so, search engines knowledge bases are utilized along with past behavior, citations from connections, semantics and ever important geographic factors from always connected mobile devices are being used to provide the best content matched to the consumer. Compounding the importance of great content contributing to being found early in the consumer decision making process is the ability to present contextually relevant content before the consumer actively searches. This is already occurring for users of FourSquare, Google Search, SIRI and other apps with wide consumer distribution. Business blogs provide content to provide the best search engine optimization opportunities.
  5. Thought Leadership – Over time, a business blog loaded with quality content written at frequent regular intervals showcases the expertise of you and your business. Consumers use the web to either inform themselves before making a decision or to find sources to acquire the goods or services they are seeking. Once they have performed the research of collecting enough information to make an informed decision, only then are they ready to discuss your specific services, product or prices. 44 percent of busineses use blogging for marketing quote bubble.Because of this, most consumers will no longer tolerate being sold to in the traditional manner! Instead, they insist on working with thought leaders willing to provide relevant timely information that educates and informs them about what they are seeking before discussing a purchase. A couple examples of thought leadership building topic suggestions for restaurants include using a blog to publish a new recipe weekly or monthly; sharing cooking tips on a weekly or monthly basis; offer advice about tiIntro to Business Blogging eBook imagep etiquette, speeding the order process and other subjects your patrons are interested in.

The above doesn’t even get into the opportunities with benefits of utilizing a blog to announce events, daily restaurant specials and other newsworthy activities. It doesn’t need to be difficult to create content to publish to a blog. Text copy, videos, images and other types of content are suitable blog contribute to generate leads and sales.

Can your restaurant or small business afford not to invest in a solid blogging strategy? Download our FREE ebook for everyday practical advice and business recommendations you can use immediately. Not only will you get the 4 Best Practices for Business Blogging, but the ebook will shows you how-to generate blog content, how to optimize business blog posts, how-to promote business blogs and how to measure business blogs. Ready to start reaping the benefits of a well thought out business blogging strategy for a restaurant or small business?

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