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4 SEO Benefits of Blogging in Business Internet Marketing

Posted by Philip Johnson

May 16, 2013 7:39:00 AM

Image displaying benefit of business blog for SEO contributing to Internet Marketing FunnelCommitting to business blogging is not easy. Frequently, many small business owners blog efforts fail soon after beginning. Why? Some complain their blog doesn’t produce ROI or it is too time consuming. Others claim they can’t write or create the content necessary for their blog. Far too often, when providing a business website evaluation to find opportunities for website improvement, we find if a blog exists at all it is simply a blog without purpose. The common tactical approach for many business owners is to set up a blog because they have heard a blog will help their business or been told blogging will help their SEO and website marketing effort.

Instead of first developing an overall content marketing strategy utilizing a business blog as a tactic to deliver well thought out content matched to address the needs and wants of the targeted buyer persona, most small businesses blog for the sake of blogging. Rather than being a component of an integrated marketing strategy where blogging is being utilized as a component of the overall SEO plan based on specific goals being acheived within a predetermined timeframe and utilizing tools such as a blog publishing calendar and metric measurement tools in place to track performance of traffic, links, comments, leads and customers generated from blogging efforts, too many small businesses are missing the opportunity to generate revenue from a business website with a connect blog. Though data shows small business who blog increase their website traffic exponentially and resultant lead generation conversion efforts increase business growth long after business blog content is published, many small business owners fail to utilize blogging content as a pillar of their business website marketing strategy. Below, I offer four SEO benefits of producing a business blog:

4 SEO Benefits of Business Blogging

  1. More Content Provides More Opportunity to Rank in SERPs – Content is king and the more quality content your website contains the more likely you’ll be able to provide content to answer a visitor’s question or provide the content to help them make an informed decision about the product or service they visited your website for. Since each new blog article is equivalent to a new page of website content and every page of your website is an opportunity to rank in search engines for one or more key terms, frequently producing high quality relevant content provides more opportunity to rank on search engine results pages.
  2. Quality Content Attracts More Natural Links – Assuming your blog  content is so good others want to reference it, the content will naturally attract links. In today’s Internet marketing world, references and citations originate from sources beyond traditional website links or advertising media. In addition to those sources for references, social media channels, industry forums and review channels also provide references with link authority. With Google and other search engines using natural linking as a measure of business website authority, producing high quality content in the form of blog articles is one of the best ways to gain natural one way inbound links from authoritative sources. Though not easy, any business can utilize this tip to attract natural ogranic links without asking or the need to create a reciprocal link. Simply put, frequently produce and publish high quality relevant content visitors are looking for and they will want to share it and naturally generate the links, citations and the signals your website needs for link equity from search engines.
  3. Visitors Stay on a Business Website Longer – With search engines now measuring how long visitors stay on a page and website after clicking from the search results page, a well written blog article providing information visitors are seeking keeps visitors on the site longer and provides opportunity to expose additional content to your visitors.
  4. The More You Blog, the More Google Re-Indexes Your Business Website – Committing to and publishing high quality content to a blog on a frequent regular interval ensure the search engines will return to your site to get the index and include the latest content in the search engine data base. Because websites are now indexed sometimes within seconds of new content being published, the search engines will return for the new content to present in search results. In other words, if you publish new content once a week and the content is good, Google and other search engines are likely to return at a weekly interval. Unfortunately, a negative consequence as a result of intermittent or irregular blog publishing patterns or stopping altogether is the search engine spiders will stop visiting or visit less frequently. Ask for help if you are uncertain how to generate Business blogging ebook content or use a content calendar to keep your business on tract and committed to business blogging growth.

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Note: Gaining collective authority, links and other SEO or Inbound marketing benefits from blogging is dependent on your business blog being properly connected with the business website rather than a standalone entity. If your blog is or your website is NOT connected to your blog. Ask your webmaster how to easily correct this by connecting your wordpress hosted blog to your website using a subdomain. Or, ask me if you are managing your own website and need guidance making the minor but important adjustment.

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