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Panda SEO Update and US Smartphone Use Up in Inbound Marketing Recap

Posted by Philip Johnson

Dec 1, 2012 4:41:00 PM

If you were too stuffed after the Thanksgiving feast to keep up with the latest Internet marketing news and information, I’ve got you covered. Read my latest Inbound Marketing Recap from Maui to find out about a Panda algorithm update likely to affect SEO marketing  and another less than innovative emulation from Facebook:

Panda Update Reportedly Confirmed – On his Search Engine Routable blog, Barry Shwartz says he has confirmation from GoogleA mobile device image displaying Google search. of another Panda update that occurred on  the 21st of October and affecting .8% of US search queries. Though nothing was posted to Twitter as Google usually does to confirm Panda updates, Schwartz noted that in response to his email Google told him the Panda algorithm update happened around the 21st.
SEO Marketing News: Panda Update Reportedly Confirmed.

Facebook Battling in Courts over Want Button and More – In one court battle Facebook continues to fight with a company claiming trademark infringement  over the Want button. Facebook filed a countersuit yesterday in the fight with a company in Michigan. In another courtroom, Facebook won a dismissal in Federal antitrust case over it’s right to exclude users who use third party software to customize their Facebook page. Read more about Facebook’s legal wrangling by following the link after this story.
Social Media Marketing News: Facebook Court Battles.

SmartPhone Useage Up in U.S. and Android Increases Leading Market Share – With 121.3 milion people using smartphone, half the US mobile device subscription market, ComScore’s most recent report shows overall smartphone use in the United States increased 6 percent since July to 51.9% market penetration at the end of October:google android marketshare us Oct 2012Google increased Android market share by 1.4% to 53.6 percent of the overall smartphone platform market share. Apple jumped use by .9 percent while Blackberry (RIM) and Microsoft continued losing platform market share. With only 3.2% market share at the end of October, Microsoft had better hope the downward trend reverses after decreasing market share from 3.6% of the market since the end of July.
Mobile Marketing News:
ComScore Reports Google Android Platform Market Share up at end of October 2012.

Google Search Makes it Easier to Get Drug Details and Information – Based on large volume of searches for medications and prescription drug details combined with the Google Knowledge Graph, more details about medicationsFind medication information faster as a result of Google knowledge graph with AI learning based search. will be displayed on the search results page. With the search addition, Google is making it faster and easier to find important information about pharmaceutical drugs by brand names and common names with drug classification information, side effects and links to additional resources about the medication. Drug details comes from the NHA, FDA and other respected authoratative sources.
Search Engine Marketing News: Knowledge Graph Data Used to Show Medication Information in Google Search Results.

Restaurant Reservation OpenTable Releases IPhone and IPad App – Fresh on the heels of the Android release, OpenTable has a new app for IPad and IPhone users. Like the Android versions, OpenTable is offering users the option of booking directly through the app rather first going to the restaurant website to make a reservation using Opentable. For a limited time, OpenTable is offering a FREE mobile website for restaurants using the service for reservations and agreeing to pay a fee per reservation booked. Fees to book a reservation using the OpenTable app or on your website are the same. Due to the costs and overhead of managing two separate websites, I don’t recommend a standalone mobile website. Instead, my advice for successful restaurant marketing is to utilize a single website with responsive design. Doing so ensures your website uses the same content on a traditional desktop website, on a mobile device such as a smart phones and on tablet devices from a single code and content base. Of course, if attempting to do restaurant website marketing with no website precence or your website is nothing more than a pdf menu, the OpenTable mobile website for restaurants is better than nothing since you’ll at least have a menu suitable for displaying on mobile devices without forcing users to download and open pdf files prior to being able view your menu.
Restaurant Internet Marketeting News: OpenTable releases redesigned app for Apple ITab and IPhone mobile device users.

Facebook Imitating Google Plus with Photo Syncing – As usual, Facebook is following rather than innovating. In beta testing since August, Facebook is expanding the Photo Automatic photo syncing with Facebook mobile app screenshot.Sync rollout. With the rollout, Facebook users using a mobile device are able to automatically upload images taken with their device to a private Facebook album. After images are uploaded, Facebook users are able to select and share specific images from the private album.  Seems like an exact duplication of similar services from Dropbox and Google Plus intended to force users to stay within the gated walled garden of Facebook. Unless Facebook adds easy download options, image editing capabilities and convinces owners they won't claim content ownership rights for content posted on the service, I can't recommend it as the best content marketing solution. Note I would not count on Facebook service any more than I would let Google own business marketing content assets. I’m certainly an advocate of placing content in backup content locations, including using cloud storage. However, I believe business owners should use Facebook to promote content contained on their website for the majority of their content rather than somewhere you don’t own and control, including Facebook. Read why using a business website is more important than social media marketing to find out why placing content assets on exteral locations is risky for a successful business marketing strategy.
Facebook Social Media Marketing News:  Facebook continues image syncing rollout.

Enjoy the weekend and share the above information with any of your business colleagues who would benefit from more Inbound Marketing tips. Use the comments section below to share anything you disagree or agree along with why. Aloha from Maui.

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