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FREE Webmaster SEO Training Webinars and Pinterest Brand Pages

Posted by Philip Johnson

Nov 17, 2012 2:10:00 PM

With the last full business week before Thanksgiving and the holiday season fast approaching this was indeed a busy week for Inbound Marketing! Many of the social media marketing channels updated their mobile apps in anticipation of the heavy use expected with Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping. I begin my weekly Maui Inbound Marketing recap with the steps to setup your Pinterest Brand Page. Then, read on so you won't miss the link to the new Bing Webmaster Guidelines and FREE training courses for webmaster and SEO marketers:

Pinterest Brand Pages Available – Image sharing social media marketing site Pinterest unveiled Pinterest Business Pages and added new Terms and Conditions for business use. I suspect this is another step to monetization for the growing visual social marketing channel. On the heels of last week's launch of Pinterest logo for Pinterest Brand Pages update.Pinterest Secret Boards (read how to set up Secret Pinterest Boards), brands and business owners can now officially create and use Pinterest Business pages for marketing. Since brands have been using Pinterest personal accounts, an option to convert an existing personal account to a Pinterest Business page exists. Pinterest created Guides and Documentation, Best Practices and Case Studies to help business owners and marketers learn how to use Pinterst for business marketing. Use this overview of how to set up a new Pinterest Business Page or convert to a Pinterest Business Account:

  1. Start at to set up a new business account or to convert an existing personal account to a business account.
  2. Verify your website by downloading and installing the html verification file on your business website at the top level. Then, when you notify Pinterest of availability the verification file will be checked and the Pinterest verification process is complete. You’ll know your Pinterest Business page is verified successfully when you see the check mark and website URL displayed on your Pinterest profile page and in search results.
  3. Add the Pinterest Pin It and Follow buttons to your business website pages and blog. Consider increasing board engagement and driving traffic to your business blog or website by using the Pinterest Board or Profile widgets.
  4. Pin and Share interesting relevant content to your Pinterest Business Board and encourage your customers and the prospects visiting your business website and blog to review your board and share your content.

Though demographics still show the Pinterest service to be disproportionately used by midwestern females, for many small business owners this is a market target they cannot afford to miss and should consider investing in and participating on Pinterest as a component of a comprehensive integrated cross channel Internet marketing strategy.
Social Media Marketing News: Pinterest Business Boards now available.

Google Plus Page Sharing Capability for Mobile Devices – If you use Google Plus for business you know sharing content to your business page on your mobile device is much more of a hassle than sharing from the browser based desktop versions of Google+. Now, GoogleGoogle Plus for local marketing with business page posting. Plus is making it easier to post to your brand business page from mobile devices. With the recent Google+ updates, you can post to your Google+ business page from your mobile devices and support for multiple Google Plus accounts has been enabled. With these updates. it is easier and more straightforward to post and share content directly to Google Plus brand pages from mobile devices. Business page owners should download the latest version of the Google+ app to view, post and comment on Google+ business page from mobile devices! I downloaded the latest Android app for my device but still don’t have the capability to switch between personal and business pages without logging out and back in again. Better than not being able to post to G+ brand pages, but I'm hopeful we'll soon be able to seemlessly switch between accounts and business brand pages on mobile devices.
Mobile Marketing News: Google Plus App Updated with Page Sharing to Brand Posts.

Screenshot showing how-to send an email of a Tweet from Twitter.

Twitter Adds Email Sharing – Ever wanted to share favorite tweets with people who aren’t using Twitter yet? Since Twitter added a capability to share tweets directly via email, when you get the latest update you'll be able to send a tweet to anyone with an email account.
Social Media Marketing News: Twitter makes it easy to Share Tweets via email.

Twitter Search Refinements – Social sharing micro blogging channel Twitter improved search functionality with real time autocomplete and query spelling corrections. Using the search function also shows photos and videos relevant to the search and photos related to headlines. And, for search marketers wanting to understand the analytics driving their search, Twitter is including contextual data about why a result appears in tailored rankings along with whom favorite or retweeted the result. Check out the screenshot below showing the updated Twitter user interface with images and video as part of the search enhancements:Expanded Twitter search screenshot with larger images.Social Media Marketing News: Twitter updated with auto-complete, spelling corrections for search and includes more video and images.

Conversion Tracking and Optimization for Facebook PPC Advertising – Facebook is the the process of providing code snippets for advertisers to install on their websites to report metrics and analytics data reporting from Facebook social media marketing channel logo.Facebook advertising conversions and other user metric data. The tracking mechanism does not use cookies. Up till now, marketers had to mostly rely on third party ad agencies and tools for tracking and conversion metric data. Since Facebook is including these conversion tools with the Facebook ad platform (available to all advertisers regardless of size or account amounts), it could be a successful strategy to motivate small businesses to pay for advertising on Facebook. With conversion tools able to demonstrate the ability to account for and track ROI from paid advertising on Facebook and improve campaign results, will your small business make the jump to Facebook advertising investments?
Facebook Advertising News: Facebook Conversion Tracking Returns with Ad Optimization Self-Serve Tools.

Microsoft Bing Search Engine Publishes Bing Webmaster Guidelines – The Bing search engine team has published a new set of Bing WebmasterBing Webmaster Guidelines Screen Guidelines to assist webmasters get their content found and indexed in the Bing search engine. In addition to using the Bing SEO Reports and their SEO Analyzer, search marketers gain another resource to determine why their page is or is not ranking in search results on Bing. In Bing’s announcement, Bing states major points will be covered in the webmaster guidelines and they are offering FREE website marketing webinar classes to further your SEO marketing skills. Beginning Nov 28th, Bing kicks off their series of six webmaster webinars with SEO 101 and then on Dec 11, a Crawling Basics webinar. Four more classes, Bing Webmaster Tools Overview; Authority Building; Search and Social Overlap; and a webinar exploring the Future of SEO are scheduled. Use the link below to learn how to sign up for the Bing Webmaster webinar learning series.
Search Engine Marketing News: Bing released the new Bing Webmaster Guidelines and FREE Webmaster Training Webinars.

Facebook Sharing for Mobile Devices – Similar to the Facebook desktop user interface, new mobile versions of the Facebook mobile apps include a feature to facilitate content sharing from the newsfeed directly to the profile, specific friends list or audience of choice. With the latest Facebook app for mobile devices updated for sharing from newsfeed.Facebook app, when a business owner is reading through Facebook newsfeed and discovers content, a link or image and feel it is worth sharing, they may share the content to their Facebook profile. Options are available in the latest Facebook mobile app to add comments to links or photos and generally share to the Facebook profile on mobile devices. Though the capability has been available on the desktop, Facebook never bothered to implement the useful feature for mobile device users who use Facebook mobile apps. With this improvement available in the latest Facebook for IOS and Android apps, if you are using Facebook on your mobile device and see an image or post in your Facebook newsfeed that you would like to share to your own profile, the updated Facebook mobile apps will permit you to do so. The new share button option is located next to the like and comment buttons.
Mobile Marketing News: Facebook update includes sharing from Mobile Devices.

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