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Another Panda SEO Algorithm Update and Pinterest Secret Pages

Posted by Philip Johnson

Nov 10, 2012 12:11:00 PM

While the US election was taking center stage in the mainstreem media and news, this was a busy week of Inbound Marketing too! Pinterest announced new private sharing options and Google confirmed another Panda quality refresh search marketers need to be aware of. FourSquare geo location marketing channel is using a new ratings system and Facebook is making it easier to see the content shared with a specific friend. Read the Inbound Marketing Maui blog recap below to find out which 13 new countries in Latin America and Europe are available in the expanded Yahoo! Bing Ad Network global offerings for SEM marketing:

Pinterest Announces Secret Boards – Up till now, any images pinned (posted) to Pinterest were publically visible to all. Now, Private sharing in Pinterest secret boards screenshot.Pinterest has rolled out new private sharing boards where you are able to invite family and friends to see the pins you want to share privately rather than public.

How-To Create Pinterest  Secret Boards

Wondering how-to create a Pinterest secret board from the web? It's easy! Go to your Pinterest profile and scroll to the bottom where you'll need to select Create a Secret Board. Or, click Add+ on the top right-hand corner of Pinterest to select Create Board and set the Secret button to On. Read the Pinterest blog for short easy to use descriptions of how-to turn on Secret Pinterest boards to share pins privately on Android and IOS. If you use Pinterest, try out secret boards and share a SEO graphs or other Inbound Marketing data statistic with me on Pinterest.
Social Media Marketing News: Secret Pinterest boards for private sharing.

FourSquare Local Marketing Social Platform Updated with Ratings – Based on metrics derived from tips, likes, dislikes loyalty, expertise, popularity and other data stored in the FourSquare checkin data base from over 25 million users, FourSquare is now displaying a Rating on FourSquareLogo for Foursquare geo location marketing service. business pages. FourSquare says the results are smart and improve or get better with each check-in. When business owners ask why I encourage Inbound Marketing clients to motivate their customers to checkin when their customer is already in a restaurant or other brick and morter business, I explain checking in provides signals affecting future searches and benefits gained from future users. In other words, when a customer checks into a local business and especially if they favorite, review or otherwise provide additional information about their experience, when one of their friends or connections is in the area in the future, the notations or annotations left by the first friend will affect if and how the business is presented to that person visiting later. If you aren’t using FourSquare for local marketing of restaurant and other businesses, you are missing an opportunity and risk becoming irrelevant as more users are presented information automatically rather than searching for it. Want business benefits from mobile marketing success in the future? Then encourage current customers to check-in on FourSquare, Yelp and similar geo location based services. Initially, the ratings are only available in the latest FourSquare for IOS app. Hopefully, FourSquare will not wait too long before releasing a version for Android and the desktop!
Social Media for Restaurant Marketing News: New Foursquare Ratings. Want future business? Get Current Customer to Check-in on FourSquare and other Location Based Services.

Panda Algorithmic Update Confirmed by Google – Google used Twitter to confirm another Panda google panda refresh 21 tweetUpdate earlier this week. Being dubbed Panda 21, the update is reported to affect less than 1.1% of US searches. The Panda refreshes are intended to improve the quality of search results by reducing the number of low quality sites ranking and presented in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). When was the most recent Panda refresh before this one? Before Panda Version 21 on Nov. 5, 2012, the most recent Panda update was on Sept. 27th.
SEO Marketing News: Google Panda Update Confirmed on Twitter.

Facebook Friendship Pages Revised – Social media giant Facebook updated a section of their platform with a new layout and updated user interface for their Facebook friendship pages. Now, when you click on the gear of one of your Facebook friends, you’ll see the posts, events and photos shared between the friend and yourself.  Wondering how to see the new Facebook Friendship page layout? First, click on one of your Facebook friends pages. Then, click on the gear in the Facebook UI and select the first option, See Friendship, as the Facebook user interface image below shows:Image demonstrating how-to view Facebook friendship page.Unfortunately, Facebook has not yet enabled the capability on my Facebook page or any of the Facebook business pages my Inbound Marketing agency manages for clients. So, I'll have to show a screenshot from Facebook friendship page with timeline interface after update.Facebook to demonstrate what happens after selecting the See Friendship option. As the image to the right shows, Facebook presents a page displaying you and your friend's mutual friends, photos and posts the two of you have shared and presents everything in a timeline like format.
Social Network Marketing News: Facebook updates Friendship pages with timeline like user interface.

Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) User Interface Updated – Google is updating their user interface on the search results pages. Relocated from the former left side location displayed vertically to the left of the search results, the search options are now being presented in a horizontal options bar above the top of the search results listings. A bit of backlash is already going around the webmaster and search marketing forums as some ponder how long it will be before Google reclaims the white space to populate with display ads or other monetization opportunities. Use comments section below to share if you like the Google search engine results page or not and why.
Search Engine Marketing News: Google updates their Search Engine Results page.

Bing and Yahoo Expand Ad Pay Per Click Network – If your business search engine marketing (SEM) includes paid ad campaigns on the Yahoo Bing search network, your opportunities just expanded globally as the networkExpanded global SEM opportunities for data geeks using SEM marketing with the Yahoo Bing PPC ad network. now includes seven new countries in Europe and six in Latin America. With digital ad budgets growing and forecast to increase in 2013 as search engine marketing budgets increase, if your audience is global it could be worthwhile launching paid click campaigns targeting searching consumers in these new contries on the Yahoo Bing network. The network is using a so called Buying Power Index (BPI) as a measure of buyer behavior to make the case for the network claiming their users will spend 123% from the 83 million who don’t use Google since their spending levels are 317% more. If you are a data geek or small business owner looking for more ROI from your pay per click Internet marketing campaigns, follow the link below to read more about the data details and statistical metrics used to derive the numbers mentioned in the report.
Global Advertising and Pay Per Click Marketing News: Yahoo Bing Ad Network Expanded.

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