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Why I May Not Follow or Like You for Business Social Media Marketing

Posted by Philip Johnson

May 3, 2012 11:26:00 AM

Have you been to a business networking function or social party and someone asked why don’t you like me on Facebook? Or, why didn’t you follow me after I followed you on Twitter? Maybe it was I sent you a LinkedIn Invitation or I added you to a circle on Google Plus, why didn’t you connect or circle me? Sound familiar? My Inbound Marketing agency clients often ask: For my business Business social media marketing media marketing, should I follow, friend or circle anyone and everyone who follows me? Each time I’m asked this question, my answer is a resounding without hesitation NO, you should not follow, friend or circle everyone!

We are using social networking channels to achieve specific marketing goals for business purposes. We are not playing a game whereby whoever achieves the highest count of Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections or Facebook friends and fans wins the prize. Especially if investing time and effort to achieve high ‘counts’ keeps me from learning about something I am sincerely interested in or distracts me from creating valuable content for my Inbound Marketing agency. If you want me to follow, like or subscribe, your channel needs to contain timely relevant content I’m interested in!

Before you start populating your new channel with relevant valuable content, please set up your profile completely! Include a picture(s) or logo, populate the description area of your profile with information about your business or yourself and add a link to your business website so I can find out more. A completed profile full of information demonstrates you are interested in your success enough to perform the most basic business setup tasks PRIOR to inviting me to your new social media channel. After all, you wouldn’t invite me into your brick and mortar storefront until you’ve painted the walls, stocked the shelves with merchandise and hung signage. You wouldn’t make a business appointment until you’ve dressed, brushed your teeth, combed your hair and made yourself presentable to make a good first impression. Social media marketing requires a similar positive first impression. An incomplete or sloppy appearance tends to make a poor first impression. Your profile is the first step toward making a good first impression with social network marketing! Your social media profile is similar to the appearance of a storefront or your business persona and the opportunity to make an endearing first impression. If you invite me to stop by to see your social profile, you should have at least taken the time to complete the basics to show me you care about your business enough to have done so.

An example of my Facebook business page with profile areas completed. Use the aqua numbers to understand the sections to complete in your Facebook social media profile:

Business social media marketing example of Facebook profile setup.

  1. Include Contact Information.
  2. Upload a profile image (the square image to the left). Could be a logo or other.
  3. Add a Page Image (the large image at the top).
  4. Extra Credit: Create a Custom Page Name (use
  5. Make a few posts. Share something new or informative about the business you are in or provide a few links to information your prospects would be interested in.

An example of my completed Twitter profile I utilize for Business Social Media Marketing:

An image of a Twitter profile for business marketing shows FatIguana Inbound Marketing Maui example.

  1. Include your name or business name in the contact area. You may set the name to be different than your Twitter Handle.
  2. Provide a few words describing your business, your business specialty or what your Twitter posts are about.
  3. Upload an image to your Twitter profile. I and many others will not follow ‘an egg’!
  4. Post a few tweets. It is unlikely anyone will follow without first seeing interesting content posts.

We use social media for business marketing results! If I don't follow or friend you, it's not personal! If you are attempting to implement and utilize a business social media marketing strategy, make a great first impression with a complete social media profile. Use the comments section below to ask any questions about social media profiles or to share some of the best social media profiles you have seen.

And if you still want more info about setting up your business social media marketing profiles, read the 13 Things to Create a Cringeworthy Social Media Presence from the HubSpot Marketing Blog. Subscribe to my Hawaii Inbound Marketing blog for a weekly digital marketing recap and a weekly Inbound Marketing Tips like the one you are reading now.

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