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Google Panda 3.4 Rollout Underway and More Inbound Marketing Stories

Posted by Philip Johnson

Mar 24, 2012 9:56:00 AM

This week was no less exciting or chock full of Inbound Marketing news than other weeks. As we continue embracing the changes resulting from this marketing transformation, the week has brought us another round of exciting events led by the news of Google rolling out their latest search engine algorithmic updates for Panda 3.4 late last night. So, without further ado, I hope you enjoy reading my weekly recap of Inbound Marketing, SEO and Social Media Marketing stories from the week ending 3/23/2012:

Google Panda Updates in Twitter PostGoogle is rolling out the latest Panda Updates (Panda 3.4) – About 8 pm HST (11 PM PDT / 2 am EDT) last evening, on Friday, March 23 in Hawaii, Google announced they had begun rolling out their latest updates to the Panda Algorithm, affectionately known as Panda 3.4. Noted only in a post on Twitter last evening, the changes are noted to be rolling out currently. Other than the single tweet, I haven’t been able to find anything else from Google officially confirming this Panda 3.4 update! Of course, I’ll be monitoring the sites I provide Internet Marketing services as well as getting in touch with my SEO industry contacts and news sources to determine the affects of this update with regards to search engine optimization with Inbound marketing strategies. As noted in the tweet, Google anticipates only 1.6% of searches will be affected by the change. I’ll wait for the data to accumulate and 'tell me the story' before commenting further on how significant this latest Panda 3.4 algorithmic update may or may not be for search engine marketers.  If you are curious, Google’s most recent Panda update wasn’t even a month ago, when Panda 3.3 was officially released on Feb 27th.

Pinterest Updates Terms – Pinterest has updated their terms, and gone are the rights to sell your content. The new Pinterest terms will go into effect for all Pinterest users on April 6, 2012. The Pinterest blog article also hints Pinterest has more enhancements coming to their service, including Private Pinboards and a Pinterest API, as they noted with their statement about added language in the terms:

"Pinterest for Inbound Marketing Maui.Finally, we added language that will pave the way for new features such as a Pinterest API and Private Pinboards."

Though interesting and diffiicult to predict where Pinterest and similar services will eventually contribute to and how they will ultimately be used in the digital marketing ecosystem, at least for now, Pinterest continues to be a source of links and traffic worthwhile for most Internet Marketing efforts.
Social Media Marketing News: Pinterest Updates Terms

Chrome browser Passes Internet Explorer browser - Though only short lived leadership, Google's Chrome browser took a small margin edge over Microsoft's Internet Explorer. As a Search Engine Watch article speculated, a correlation may be emerging whereby users apparently prefer the Chrome browser for their personal browsing in their personal off time and especially on weekends while corporate policies force them to use Microsoft's Explorer in the workplace. I suspect Chrome usage will continue to grow for business use as more companies adapt or at least support a bring your own device model supporting use of personal mobile devices and tablets.
Inbound Marketing News: Short lived claim to fame, Google Chrome browser captures browser lead from Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.

Google Search will be used in Firefox as default search – In Danny Sullivan's Search Engine Land Story, he reports Firefox changed their default search to use 'secure search' as the default. Ramifications for search engine marketersMore search engine updates coming from Google with rollout of Panda 3.4 algorithmic updates. is you are likely to be receiving a little bit less data about what terms visitors are using to find your web site as more searches are secure and thus hiding search term traffic details from website marketers.
Search Engine Marketing News: FireFox Using Secure Search

More HTTP Referrer Changes Coming from Google in April – In the Google WebMaster Central blog, Google reports more changes are on the way regarding how http referring URLs are going to be reported. Interestingly enough, since Thursday I’ve began noticing a small uptick in traffic arriving without referral keywords and only top level host names referrer info such as, and This makes me think Google may already be at least testing these changes or probably more likely this is due to the Firefox browsing changes for the default to secure search (as noted above). Yes, this means even more traffic will not have as much data about the keywords and referring site visitor traffic is using to find your site. I know some search engine marketers are a bit upset about Google seemingly removing valuable analytic marketing metrics we've used for years to understand the keywords and where traffic is originating from. From my perspective, I say get over it! I still receive enough data to make actionable decisions based on the data! Yes, the amount of data has been reduced. However, when considering the amount of data still remaining and available, enough data still remains to make desicions. My own results show that since Google began using SSL search more widely at the end of last year, we still receive analytic data with search term use and referring information from approximately 80% of the traffic visiting the web sites we manage on behalf our Internet Marketing agency clients. So yes, we may have lost 20% of the data we data geeks love, but we still have plenty of data to use for decision making. I guess it all depends on your general view, is your cup half empty or half full? I don’t know about you, but I’m happy we still have 80% of the data sampling to utilize. And, so far, if you are using Google paid search advertising programs, you still have access to the keywords being used to drive traffic to your site (subject to change if Google decides to close what seems like a loophole).
SEO Marketing News: Less Data as a Result of More HTTP Referrer Changes from Google

What other Internet Marketing stories did you find this week that may not have been included above? Please let us know in the comments area below. Or, subscribe to the Hawaii Inbound Marketing Blog to keep up with the latest stories and news affecting digital marketing!

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