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Posted by Philip Johnson

Mar 10, 2012 10:46:00 AM

With the welcome tropical rains accompanied by unusual thunderstorms and lightening we've been getting here on Maui, for the most part I managed to keep the power on and stay dry. As part of the Inbound Marketing strategy and services we provide clients, I present several noteworthy stories potentially impacting social media marketing, web site marketing, SEO and other Inbound Marketing strategies in general.

Inbound Marketing Recap from Week Ending March 9, 2012:

Maui Mobile Marketing will see more IPad tablets with the new version release.Apple announced the new IPad tablet device and a new version of Apple TV - We’ll need to wait to see how this eventually plays out. At a minimum, the release is likely to continue Apple’s tablet innovation leadership. Since I despise Apple’s price models, it is unlikely I'll ever be tagged as an ‘Apple Fan Boy’ anytime in the near future. Still, I pay attention to news coming from Apple as one of the companies competing for the outcomes of the marketing transformation we are currently in the midst of. The outcome is the ultimate payoff of who has ability to use the information about how we live - how we eat, where we go, who we interact with, what we read, what we shop for, where we shop, where we buy, what we do for recreation, where we vacation, who we talk with and all the details of our lives. As of yesterday, Fri, Mar 9, 2012, the initial pre-orders for the new Ipad had already sold out!
Mobile and Social Media Marketing News: Apple announces newest IPad and New Version of Apple TV

FourSquare Added Business Hours - The location based check in application, FourSquare, was updated. Unlike the recently added restaurant menus feature, business owners must manually add their hours to their venue. FourSquare’s merchant dashboard facilitates adding additional time based details. For restaurant marketers, service times for breakfast, lunch, and dinner may be displayed. Local business merchants have opportunity to promote venue offers by displaying entertainment or discounted special offer hours or Sunday brunch hours and happy hour times.
Mobile Marketing News: FourSquare added business hours for Local Marketing

Facebook Launches Interest Lists – Facebook has started rolling out their ‘Interest List’ feature. After teasing us with the accidental release of ‘Interest Lists’ when Timeline for Business pages launched earlier, on Thursday Facebook began rolling out their ‘Interest List’ capability and will continue over the next few weeks. Facebook Interest Lists let you create lists or subscribe to lists created by others based on topical ‘interests’ and then populated with updated posts from those ‘interest’ pages and profiles, usually public figures. Similar to Twitter’s list functionality and capabilities already available in Google Plus, the feature again seems to present Facebook as reacting by following and copying their competitors instead of innovating from a leadership position. To find out if Facebook Interest Lists have been enabled for your Facebook account yet, check to see if 'Interests' is available in the left side menu of your news feed. Dependent on your left sidebar contents, it may be necessary to use the ‘more’ at the bottom of the left menu bar to see the ‘Interests’ option. When available, click Interests and then ‘Add Interest’. From there, you’ll be able to search for other Interest Lists or create your own. Read HubSpot’s blog article on why marketers should care about Faceboo Interest Lists.
Social Media Marketing News: Facebook Interest Lists Launches

Bing Introduced Search Quality Insights blog. In their intial blog article, 'Whole Page Relevance', Bing’s Chief Scientist for Core Search provided an overview of how Bing’s algorithms are attempting to go beyond traditional Page Rank to provide ‘whole page relevance’. A comment I found compelling is they note early release participants often perceive search quality by speed and ‘how fast the results appeared’ which is also consistent with Google’s premise of speed being core for search combined with relevance.
SEO Marketing News: Bing Search Quality Insights - Whole Page Relevance

Google's Search Plus Your World' and Secure Search to Expand Globally - Search Engine Land's Danny Sullivan reports Google will begin encrypting search on  beyond the US over the coming weeks. Because 'Search Plus Your World' is enabled by encrypted search, it follows that Search Plus Your World will be rolling out beyond the US as well. The result is marketers will have more difficulty ‘seeing’ the search terms providing traffic to their sites. Based on my observations, I'm still not convinced this change will impact very much. Since Google rolled out SSL search in the US late last year, client properties using our Inbound Marketing agency services have only experienced between 15 to 20 percent increase in traffic originating from Google's encrypted searches.
Search Engine Optimization with Social Media Marketing News: Google “Search Plus Your World” and Secure Search likely to be expanding globally.

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