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Important Inbound Marketing Stories for the Week as Viewed From Maui

Posted by Philip Johnson

Mar 3, 2012 9:53:00 AM

As a daily function of my Interent Marketing agency, it is my responsibility to stay ahead of changes and developments in the world of on-line marketing and how these changes relate to Maui Inbound Marketing in Hawaii and elsewhere. I do my best to stay informed of the most relevant Internet Marketing Strategy with Content Marketing information available and will be sharing frequently here in my Hawaii Inbound Marketing blog. As I come across interesting and noteworthy information related to how to leverage SEO for Internet marketing, content marketing, email marketing or Inbound marketing strategy using the all in one integrated marketing software solution provided by HubSpot, I'll share the most relevant stories with links for more details. Please feel welcome to comment or share the links and information.

SEO algorithm updates for panda Inbound Marketing Recap of week ending March 2, 2012:

Facebook Timelines for Business – Facebook released Timeline for business pages. Though still an opt-in option until March 31st, businesses with a Facebook page may opt to update their page, add their timeline profile photo and publish their new Facebook Business page displaying their own timeline to the public immediately. I think this is a good opportunity for Inbound Marketers as more of your important content is  ‘above the fold’. Before, links to your web site, your business map and other links with  business information were stored on the left column about half way down the page obscured to most users. Combined with the opportunity to utilize more of the page ‘real estate’ for graphics and other branding opportunities, I’m looking forward to the changes.
Links: Social Media Marketing with Facebook: Rollout of New Facebook Timeline for Business and HubSpot's Guide to Setting Up Facbook Page with Timeline

Matt McGee, of Search Engine Land, Reports on Google Confirmation of Search Engine Updates: Google Changes Link Evaluation Algorithm and Confirms Panda 3.3 Update – On Feb 27th, Google beta Panda update, Panda 3.3, transitioned from Beta into production. Still uncertain of complete impact but we are monitoring.
Link: SEO Marketing: Search Engine Land Reports Updates of Panda 3.3

40 Google Search Algorithm Changes for February – The biggest charge is the ‘Link Evaluation’ and barely mentioned near the bottom of the list:

"Link evaluation. We often use characteristics of links to help us figure out the topic of a linked page. We have changed the way in which we evaluate links; in particular, we are turning off a method of link analysis that we used for several years. We often re architect or turn off parts of our scoring in order to keep our system maintainable, clean and understandable."

Link: Search Engine Optimization Updtaes: Google's Inside Search Blog Reports Search Algorithm Updates

Google Change Privacy Policy, Effective March 1, 2012 - Google implemented their new privacy policy. The updates introduces sweeping changes across more than 60 product specific privacy statements consolidating into what Google call the ‘main Google Privacy Policy’.
Link: Search Engine Optimization Update News: Google Blog Reports Sweeping Privacy Changes

Google Plus Badge and +1 button Updates – Google Plus has been updated whereby anyone with a Google profile can now use a badge with their individual profile. In the past, only brand pages (or business pages) were able to use the Google Plus badge . Additionally, the badge has been updated to make it easier to immediately add a ‘Brand Page’ to your ‘Follow’ circle or to add an individual user page to your circles. The +1 button was updated to permit direct sharing from the button. Meaning, when you +1 something you are also given opportunity to share the content immediately.
Link: SEO Marketing: Google Plus Updates Badge and Plus One Sharing Button

Yelp’s IPO Awarded 5 Stars by Wall Street – Yelp opened trading at $15. a share, a 60% increase at IPO for a ridiculous not likely sustainable worth of over $1.43 billion! Yelp closed yesterday at $24.52, a 63% gain!
Link: Local Marketing / Mobile Marketing: Yelp Stock IPO Begins Trading at $15 a Share
Updated Yelp Trading Link: After First Day of Trading, Yelp is Way UP!

For an Effective Internet Marketing Strategy, SEO and Social Media Alone are Not Enough - Another content marketing article explaining why changes in Internet Marketing dictate an even bigger need to shift to an optimized content marketing strategy:
Link: SEO and Social Media Marketing: Why SEO and Social Media Are Not Enough

FourSquare switches map api partner - FourSquare changed the underlying mapping architecture, switching from Google Maps API to OpenStreetMap. This was likely driven by Google’s decision to begin charging for it’s Map API. At the time of this business blog article publishing, the FourSquare apps I was able to check are still displaying Google Maps in FourSquare results. However, the full web site is already displaying the new maps.
Link: Mobile Marketing: FourSquare Checks Out of Google Maps and Checks Into New Map API

I hope these recap links are helpful for your own website marketing strategy efforts. If you have questions or enjoyed the information, please feel welcome to leave notes in the comments section below. And, be sure to subscribe to my Internet Marketing blog to keep up with the latest Inbound Marketing news and information.

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